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Iceberg Vodka

Just like fossil fuels, water is a vital source that is slowly disappearing. Local springs and other drinking water sources have come increasingly dehydrated over the years. By following the traditions of the local population, we see it as our duty to harvest a small part of the detached icebergs to give a new destination to this beautifully pure water. We should use this pristine water that Mother Nature has given us before it melts away into the salty ocean.

Iceberg Water

The glacier from which the Canadian icebergs originate consists of the unpolluted precipitation that fell and froze in the Arctic Circle thousands of years ago. Therefore ICEBERG Water has the lowest mineral content of any bottled water, resulting in a smooth and neutral taste. ICEBERG Water has a low mineral content of only 9 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) measured in parts per million. Its mineral content determines the taste of water and TDS is the most important factor when combining food with water. ICEBERG Water is ideal for pairing with rare and fine liquids such as single malts to ensure the ultimate flavour experience.