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Thom Frerichs

CHUMALOCO010 – This bottle is made by DAMAin in collaboration with one of his best friends. It was the first episode of the Pure Iceberg series, in which DAMAin is in search of the stories behind the successes of the chosen Icebergs. The hammer on the front of the bottle refers to his friend that is a scaffolding builder. This hammer has brought this Iceberg a lot. The Gucci logos are remarkable to this Iceberg as this appears to be his favorite brand. DAMAin also brought some of this Icebergs favorite cartoons to life on the bottle. You will find Plank, Dragon Ball-Z and Avatar and he used the name Chumaloco010 to personalize the bottle as this is the name this Iceberg uses on the PlayStation. Finally, you can see the mountains that refer to Austria. This Iceberg has been skiing from when he was only a child and he goes all out on the snow slope in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladiss. Eventually, you will also see some of the details such as the Gucci logo and name Chumaloco010 back on the box in DAMAin handwriting.